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World Malaria Day raises awareness on illness

World Malaria Day 2019: Zero Malaria Starts With Me

World Malaria Day April 25 is World Malaria Day. “Zero Malaria Starts With Me” is the 2019 theme. Read on to learn more about Malaria, the people impacts around the world, and what we can all do to protect ourselves. Symptoms of Malaria Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal mosquito-borne infectious disease. The disease…
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mosquitoes like warm weather

How Weather Affects Mosquitoes

After a long winter, most of us here in Cincinnati are ready for spring. The warmer temperatures encourage us to head out to enjoy the great outdoors, our backyards, parks, and pools. But for mosquitoes, those same warm spring temperatures are like an alarm clock. Read on to learn more about how weather affects mosquitoes,…
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insecticides can contain dangerous chemicals

What’s in Your Insect Spray?

‘Natural’ Doesn’t Always Mean Safe. Mosquitoes and their itchy bites can be more than just an annoyance. They may also pose a heath risk to humans and pets if they are carrying diseases such as West Nile, St Louis Encephalitis, and heart worm disease. In fact, the only way a dog can become infected with…
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stay ahead of the buzz blog

Welcome to Our Mosquito Control Blog

Stay Ahead of the Buzz We are very excited to launch this blog as we begin helping the residents of Eastern Cincinnati enjoy their outdoor living spaces and protect their landscape. We hope you’ll be a regular visitor on our site and keep us in mind when it comes time to choose a safer mosquito…
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