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News and Tips on Controlling Mosquitoes
and Keeping Deer Out of Your Yard

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Mosquito Prevention for Kids – What Parents Should Know

Mosquitos are dangerous pests that transmit a variety of life-threatening illnesses such as West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and malaria. As a parent, keeping a mosquito-free home should be a priority. The following are some tips for making your home safer for you and your family. Tips to Keep Mosquitos Away from Your Home…
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Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Mosquito Sprays

Mosquitos and pests are a problem in many households, especially during the rainy months. A common way to get rid of them is by using insect repellant sprays. Although they seem like an effective short-term solution, they come with side-effects that may put you and your family at risk. Most insecticides contain active ingredients that…
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Useful Tips on How Not to Attract Mosquitoes

Are you wondering how not to attract mosquitoes into your backyard and home? With the arrival of summer, everyone is getting ready for the holidays. The warm balmy nights are great for getting together with family and friends over evening dinner and outdoor barbecues. But as you send out those invites to your friends, remember…
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Why Mosquitoes Are More Prone to Biting Some People More Than Others

Mosquito bites are not pleasant experiences and can be the bane of our existence, especially in the summer months, which is why many residents opt for mosquito treatment in Cincinnati. But have you ever noticed that some people attract mosquitoes more than others? What is the reason for this phenomenon? Is your blood more attractive…
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Deer Ticks vs Dog Ticks

Ticks are one of the most troublesome parasites, and they can cause a host of health problems for you and your pets. While there are many varieties of ticks, the most notorious ones are the deer tick and the American dog tick. These ticks have similar life-cycles, but each has unique characteristics and pathogens. They…
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