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Stay Ahead of the Buzz: Mosquito and Deer Control Information 1

The Mosquito Breeding Checklist

Looking to keep mosquitoes away this summer? These pests aren’t just annoying because of their itchy bites. They are also disease carriers that can threaten the health of you and your family. Find out all the essential info on mosquito breeding. This checklist will teach you how to keep your family and property pest-free! The Breeding…
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Stay Ahead of the Buzz: Mosquito and Deer Control Information 2

The Spring Cleaning Checklist: Mosquito Edition

The season for spring cleaning is nearing as the weather gets warmer, and you prepare to clear out the accumulated dust and stuffiness from your home. Perhaps you have gone through the cupboards and decluttered the garage. The next task? Prepare your garden for the onset of mosquitoes.  What’s the use in having better access…
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What Is The Zika Virus?

With mosquito season around the corner, now’s the perfect time to take a look at one of the most notable mosquito-borne outbreaks in the past decade: the Zika virus. It’s a disease primarily transmitted through mosquito bites. Once infected, you might experience symptoms such as rashes, joint pain, and conjunctivitis. Patients should be at ease…
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What Is Heartworm?

Heartworm is a parasitic roundworm with a small, thread-like body. It can cause dirofilariasis, a mosquito-borne disease characterized by pulmonary artery infection. Heartworms primarily affect common household pets, such as dogs, cats, and ferrets. Mammals such as sea lions, coyotes, wolves, and foxes are also easy targets. Can Humans Get Heartworm? A common question about…
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What Is Encephalitis?

Encephalitis is characterized by brain inflammation, irritation, and swelling. It’s primarily caused by an infection that attacks the brain. As the inflammation worsens, white blood cells permeate brain tissues to combat the infection. At the same time, the brain tissues swell, putting you at risk of intracerebral hemorrhage, cerebral edema, and permanent brain damage. There…
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