Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Mosquito Sprays


Mosquitos and pests are a problem in many households, especially during the rainy months. A common way to get rid of them is by using insect repellant sprays. Although they seem like an effective short-term solution, they come with side-effects that may put you and your family at risk.

Most insecticides contain active ingredients that lead to severe illnesses and environmental damage. It’s to your advantage to read labels thoroughly to understand the hazards posed by these commonly used substances. Doing so helps you mitigate their adverse effects and encourages you to look for safer, more natural options.

Here are the primary reasons why you shouldn’t use chemical mosquito sprays to treat mosquitoes in your yard.

Health Risks

Insect repellants consist of various chemical compounds, some of which are profoundly toxic. These pesticides usually contain DEET, permethrin, and malathion.

Studies have shown these compounds to cause skin irritation and eyesores even when you follow the application instructions to the letter. They also trigger nausea, headaches, and asthma attacks due to their pungent smell and chemical content. 

These may seem like harmless side-effects. However, for immunocompromised individuals, they could be detrimental to long-term health. The same goes for pregnant women, babies, and toddlers whose immune systems are not as robust as the average adult’s. At worst, they could lead to chronic diseases that may not reveal themselves until months or years after the fact.

As you spray the repellant, its chemical contents fuse with the air, increasing the possibility of someone inhaling or exposing themselves to aerosol. The more of these toxic particles you ingest, the more likely you are to develop health complications.

Experts recommend using organic or natural solutions as an alternative to repel and control mosquitos and pests. By doing so, you can eliminate these health risks and breathe easier in your own home.

Environmental Damages

Another reason why you shouldn’t use chemical mosquito sprays is that they’re harmful to the environment and other living things around us. Just as these chemicals are hazardous to humans, they’re also toxic to our furry friends.

Studies show that specific breeds of pets are more susceptible to aerosol’s effects than others. There have been cases of cats getting poisoned and dogs developing respiratory illnesses from continuous exposure to pesticides.

The negative impacts go beyond the boundaries of your home. While it may be less harmful to humans to spray outdoors, it is more destructive to nature and other valuable wildlife such as bees and fireflies.

Given the ubiquity and convenience of chemical insect repellants, we understand how tempting it is to ignore the risks and spray away. As much as possible, try to ward off pests and mosquitoes in an organic way that’s free of harmful chemicals and toxic fumes.

Native Shield offers a natural alternative to pest control by using botanically based ingredients. Our treatment is EPA-approved and certified safe for humans, pets, and the environment. To learn more about our products and get a free estimate, visit Native Shield today.

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