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Perimeter Pest Control Program

Pests are more than a nuisance. They can be a threat to your home, health, and peace of mind. We can help with a safe, organic solution!

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We developed a blend of the most effective organic EPA-registered ingredients for perimeter control in Cincinnati, without using a single chemical or poison. Call (513) 687-5991 for a FREE estimate!

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Our Perimeter Pest Control Program

Are you looking for a safe, organic solution for preventing pests and other creepy crawly critters from entering your Cincinnati home?

At the heart of our Perimeter Pest Control Program is a commitment to nature, safety, and unparalleled effectiveness. Our comprehensive approach ensures that the exterior of your home becomes an impenetrable fortress against crawling insects while keeping you, your family, and pollinators safe.

Here's some important information on the features and benefits of our Perimeter Pest Control program. Our job is simple. We keep pests outside where they belong... guaranteed.

Here's what You Receive

  1. Web-Pole Cleaning: Our web-pole reaches up to 15 feet, efficiently removing unsightly spider webs and insect nests from under soffits, around light fixtures, and more.
  2. Natural Dust Application: We treat accessible cracks and crevices with a natural dust powder, ensuring long-lasting protection against spiders and other insects.
  3. Natural Foundation Spray: Our all-natural insecticide spray forms a robust barrier around your home's foundation, repelling crawling insects. Crafted from potent essential oils like Geranoil, Clove Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and more, it offers both efficacy and peace of mind.
  4. Extended Protection with Granular Insecticide: Our natural granular insecticide, applied to the grass and beds surrounding your home, extends the protection zone and ensures long-lasting control.
  5. Bundle & Save: Bundle our Perimeter Pest Control with services like mosquito control or deer control and enjoy discounted rates.
  6. Genuine All-Natural Promise: Many claim to be natural or organic, using misleading language. However, "EPA approved" doesn’t equate to organic. Unlike them, we stand by our genuine commitment to nature, utilizing EPA 25b all-natural organic products. This ensures the maximum safety for your loved ones and our planet's crucial pollinators.

Choose our Perimeter Pest Control Program and experience a genuine, all-natural solution to keep unwanted pests at bay. Protect your home, family, and environment with confidence.

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What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter pest control is a technique that targets the exterior of a residence or business to ward off pests, primarily insects.

By establishing a protective barrier, it restricts pests from invading your indoor spaces. This not only keeps pests at bay but also minimizes the requirement for potentially harmful indoor treatments that may pose risks to family members and pets.

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Why is Perimeter Pest Control Important?

In Cincinnati, pests are more than just irritating; they can be a genuine health threat to you and your loved ones. They might transport dangerous bacteria and viruses, potentially causing diseases like salmonella and Hantavirus. Furthermore, they can inflict costly structural harm to your property.

By adopting a perimeter pest control strategy, you safeguard your residence from the damaging and bothersome presence of these pests. Revel in a secure and serene environment, devoid of concerns about pest invasions.

How Our Perimeter Pest Control Works in Cincinnati

Perimeter pest control cincinnati illustrationPerimeter pest control functions by forming a protective shield around your residence, effectively repelling and eradicating pests. This shield can be established using different techniques, including sprays, granules, and bait stations.

The remedy is usually administered around the home's foundation, windows, doors, and other potential access points. When pests attempt to invade your space, they encounter this protective layer and are subsequently deterred or exterminated.


Here's What You Get From Our Perimeter Pest Control Program

  • Efficient Pest Barrier. By focusing on your property's edges, perimeter pest control serves as a potent deterrent, keeping pests from accessing your home.
  • Decreased Reliance on Pesticides. These treatments can notably lessen the interior use of pesticides, safeguarding both your well-being and the surrounding environment.
  • Sustained Defense. Perimeter pest control ensures enduring safeguards against pests, removing the stress of regular treatment reapplications.
  • Budget-Friendly in the Long Term. When measured against standard pest control approaches, perimeter pest control often emerges as a more economically viable choice over extended periods.

6 Commons Types of Pests in Cincinnati

  1. Spiders. In Cincinnati, the Brown Recluse and Black Widow stand out as the most perilous spiders. While others, such as Grass Spiders, Barn Orb Weavers, Banded Sac Spiders, Wolf Spiders, and Crab Spiders, might not be harmful, they can be unsettling to many.
  2. Ants. Encountering ants around our edibles is a common experience. Beyond the nuisance, they can also inflict harm to structures and multiply quickly. Setting up a protective barrier to deter them from entering homes is recommended.
  3. Centipedes. My personal nightmare! Centipedes give me the chills. Their numerous legs give an eerie feel. Typically, they lurk in areas like basements, restrooms, or other damp places.
  4. Silverfish. If you discover punctures in your attire, don't just suspect moths. Silverfish often play the part. Known for feasting on paper, adhesives, and edibles, they can be tricky to entirely get rid of.
  5. Wasps. Cincinnati is no stranger to a variety of stinging wasps. The sheer panic of having a wasp indoors is something many can relate to. Species in the region range from German Yellowjackets and Eastern Cicada Killer Wasps to Paper Wasps, Digger Wasps, and Potter Wasps.
  6. Beetles. Beetles might not be the stuff of nightmares for most, but their potential for home damage is undeniable. They munch on plants, harm textiles like wool, and even feast on wooden structures. It's wise to manage these critters and ensure they're kept at bay.

A Safe Alternative for Cincinnati Residents

In Cincinnati, Native Shield is your go-to for optimal perimeter pest control. We prioritize a unique approach that leans on natural solutions instead of hazardous chemicals. With effectiveness that doesn't compromise human or pet safety, it's the ideal choice.


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