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Organic Lawn Care Program

Native Shield's Organic Lawn Care Program in Cincinnati is now available! Our organic lawn care gives you the beautiful lawn that you want without all the chemicals!

What is Organic Lawn Care?

Our 5-Step Organic Lawn Care Program features timely applications of true organic material. Our program combines the best of both liquid and granular organic products. Granular applications allow us to directly apply organic material to evenly and consistently feed your lawn. Liquid applications enable us to add specific micro-nutrients, soil enhancers, and plant-derived amino acids to address particular issues within the grass plant or soil structure.

Don't worry; our organic program does not have that strong odor of manure many organic programs have. We do not use products derived from human waste or have harmful metals like other organic-based programs. Our premium ingredients help unlock the soil's hidden potential and unlock existing micro-nutrients to make them available to the turf.

Many customers have said they do not use organic lawn care over the years because of the lack of weed control. While there isn't an organic product that fully controls weeds, we do offer a weed control application for late spring. This application will relieve most of the weed stress your lawn will face for the season. This application will also include a grub control. While the grub control is not organic, it is environmentally friendly as it does not contain neonicotinoids.

Our Organic Program

Round One

Our early spring granular application is made of true organic material designed to feed your lawn evenly as it wakes up from dormancy. The material increases the nutrient availability to the grass plant while building great turf color and stress tolerance. The slow, even feed minimizes top growth and enhances microbial activity to reduce thatch. The end result is a nutritional foundation critical to building root mass, improving density, and improving overall disease management properties to protect your turf.

Round Two

This liquid organic round provides nutrition to help the turf continue to grow consistently. We add bio nutrition to the organic fertilizer to focus on healthy soil micro-organisms, provide a better soil structure, increase the soil's nutrient holding capacity, and increase nutrient availability for the grass plant.

Round Three

In this granular round, we are again focusing on nutrition. Your turf will be fed with an even-release organic fertilizer designed to both help the grass plant grow and attain that deeper, darker green color, as well as to continue to promote root growth.

Round Four

This round is another liquid round that allows us to introduce specific organics with specific purposes to maximize your lawn's health. As usual, we will feed your lawn with true organic material. This application will also help the grass grow deeper roots, make the grass plant more resilient, and help the grass metabolize the soil's natural nutrients.

Round Five

The final application of the year is an important organic granular feeding. Properly feeding the lawn is of paramount importance heading into the winter. Grass plants that have enough nutrition available to them through the winter will grow deeper roots. Also, well-fed winter grass will keep its color longer and become active much earlier in the spring, allowing the grass to better compete with the spring weeds for nutrition, sunlight, and other resources.


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