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Our Mosquito Repellent Service

Are you looking for mosquito treatment in Cincinnati? Mosquitoes around your home and in your yard can be annoying. Some residents opt for mosquito repellent or mosquito control products, but the best way to prevent mosquitoes from biting you up and stopping the mosquito population from growing in your backyard is to hire a professional mosquito control service so they can exterminate the mosquitoes in popular landing sites and mosquito breeding sites.

Is there anything in nature worse than a mosquito? You're relaxing at home in your Cincinnati yard, watching the sun go down, and having a great time. Suddenly you hear a familiar buzz of a Mosquito. The mosquitoes are back in action. You go on full alert, and you try to track the mosquitoes down so you can protect you and your family.

Before you know it, it feels as though the whole Cincinnati mosquito population is out to bite you. You’re left to deal with itchy bites and the evening in your yard ruined.

You wonder why a mosquito even exists. Do they serve any useful purpose in Cincinnati? Could they pose a serious health risk? What are some prevention tactics or mosquito control techniques? Most importantly, you want to know how to protect the health and safety of your family from the onslaught. Here's some important information on prevention and how our mosquito control program can get rid of your mosquitoes guaranteed.

Why Are Mosquitoes Camping Out In Your Yard?

Mosquitoes aren’t that fussy about where they live. A mosquito does need a moisture source, but the moisture source doesn’t have to be a big one. If you have any form of standing water, mosquitoes will take advantage.

During the larval stage, mosquitoes must be in standing water. Anything that allows water to collect works for them. The standing water could be as small as a puddle of water in the hollow of ornamental stone, or even damp soil.

One of the best things that you can do for mosquito control is to limit their water supply.

Adult mosquitoes prefer cool, shady spots during Cincinnati summers. You'll find an adult mosquito in trees, under the porch, or anywhere it can find to escape the sun. Not even an oasis turf tree or other forms of artificial plants are immune to adult mosquitoes.


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What Diseases Can Mosquitoes Transmit?

Mosquito control is about more than just curtailing annoyance. These insects do also carry diseases and viruses. In Ohio, mosquitoes might transmit:

  • La Crosse Virus
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Louis Encephalitis Virus

The following diseases aren’t commonly found in Ohio. If a mosquito bites a traveler infected with any of the following diseases, they can transmit the disease to them to their next victim:

  • Dengue Fever
  • Yellow Fever
  • Malaria
  • Zika Virus

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What Is The Best Form of Mosquito Control?

In Cincinnati, mosquito control requires a multi-pronged approach. In order to get rid of mosquitoes, you must first identify potential breeding grounds. Rooting them out at the larval stage will make a difference, but it's not enough on its own.

You must also kill off the adults, or they'll just find another breeding spot. Mosquito control is a daunting task, which is why you may want to consider a professional pest control service that will cut the infestation down. It's important to have professional mosquito control products take care of the issue, done by a top-rated mosquito control service. We use all-natural, organic ingredients; no harsh or harmful chemicals are ever used.

Mosquitoes can be found in many places in your front yard or backyard, including rain gutters, flower pot trays, by your patio, in the grass, by your outdoor lighting, and more. Our mosquito repellant technicians know exactly where to look to make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

Common Mosquito Control Options for Cincinnati Homeowners

There are several measures that you can take around the home to reduce the risk to your family. Controlling mosquitoes can be tricky because they're good at hiding. Professional mosquito control services can eliminate the adults that are hard to find. Some of our past customers had a poor experience using alternatives such as deet and essential oils before they realized a professional application was needed.

In the meantime, these tips will keep mosquitoes at bay; however, these options are often ineffective:

Citronella Candles or Mosquito Coils

Mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella. You can use coils, candles, essential oil, or torches to repel these critters. The downside is that they're limited in range. You must sit near them for protection.

Unfortunately, citronella has a cloying scent. Burning the oil produces smoke, so it's not a long-term solution, but it will help temporarily.

Mosquito Lamps

Mosquito lamps contain a pad doused with an insecticide called Allethrin. These are powered by candles or butane. When the pad heats up, the insecticide releases in the form of a gas. The gas kills mosquitoes up to about 15 feet away and is odorless, but it often doesn't work.

These are more effective than citronella in terms of range and smell. They’re also usually quite pricey because they’ll only last for about six to twelve hours. The downside is that you have to use them outside. If a breeze blows, your protection blows away with it, so their efficacy is limited.

Mosquito Traps

These traps run all day, every day, as long as they have propane. They do help a little, but the results are slow. They take up to four weeks before you see a significant improvement.

Still, they’re better than either method described above because the mosquitoes die inside the trap. Once the mosquito falls into the trap, they can’t get out again. You’ll need to use this in conjunction with another control measure until it takes full effect.

Misting Systems

These systems aerosolize insecticides and spray them out in a fine mist. Most of these devices are connected to a drum of insecticide. You then program them to emit the mist at set intervals.

These systems are only effective if the mosquito is flying in the target zone when the device releases the mist. The downside here is that everything in the zone gets sprayed. That includes people, kids, and pets.

Treating Your Property for Mosquitoes

All of the mosquito control measures listed above can help to keep your home safe. However, none of them makes the problem go away. You're essentially using tricks to keep mosquitoes at bay but not killing them at their source.

The most effective mosquito treatments entail treating the landing sites and the breeding sites. Professional pest control services are the best option here. These treatments kill off the adult mosquitoes quickly and effectively.

They’re effective for between three to six weeks because they kill off the breeding pairs of adults.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of & Control Mosquitoes?

Using a combination of preventative measures in conjunction with regular treatments is your best option to get ride of and control the mosquito population.

Preventative measures entail making the environment as inhospitable for mosquitoes as possible.

A mosquito repellent that you apply to your body provides protection wherever you are. Improve your protection by wearing protective clothing in conjunction with it.

Check around your home in Cincinnati regularly for standing pools of water. If you have slow draining soil where water pools regularly, work on improving the drainage. Damp soil is another one of the top mosquito breeding sites.

Placing a fan on your patio can blow them away. It’s not a permanent mosquito control solution, but it can make things more comfortable for you.

Finally, get rid of as many hiding spots as possible. Keep your yard neat and tidy and trim back the bushes. If you don't enjoy garden maintenance, try using turf instead of grass. You can find some realistic oasis turf trees and bush options as well.

A Safe Alternative for Cincinnati Residents

In Cincinnati, mosquito control can be maximized by calling in Native Shield. Our unique system relies on natural products rather than toxic chemicals. It’s highly effective and safe for humans and pets, a great compromise.

How Much Will Mosquito Control Cost Me?

If you're considering a mosquito service provider, the cost depends on the size of the area you want to treat. Give us a call, book online, or email us to get your free estimate on a mosquito-free life.

You can book the service as a once-off Cincinnati mosquito treatment or opt to have mosquito control treatments every three weeks.

If you email other services, they might give you an extra week between each of their treatments. The downside is that these treatments use strong toxins to control the mosquito population. Those chemicals linger around your home for a while. Is there a way to control them without lingering chemicals?

Native Shield is one of few companies in the country to offer a natural service to treat pests. If you need a natural and effective pest control service to rid yourself of mosquitoes, Native Shield is a safe and convenient choice. We're available by phone, email, or through our website.

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Native Shield identifies the areas that need treatment, as well as potential breeding sites to control mosquitoes and ticks.


Our NOP compliant product treats areas where mosquitoes live and breed to control these pests in all life stages.


With repeated applications a residual barrier is created protecting the property between routine treatments.

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