Why Mosquitoes Are More Prone to Biting Some People More Than Others

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Mosquito bites are not pleasant experiences and can be the bane of our existence, especially in the summer months, which is why many residents opt for mosquito treatment in Cincinnati.

But have you ever noticed that some people attract mosquitoes more than others? What is the reason for this phenomenon? Is your blood more attractive than theirs? What does the mosquito find in some people that it doesn’t see in others?

Mosquitoes do indeed prefer biting some people more than others. Here we look at some of the reasons why.

Body Odor

Everybody secretes volatile compounds from their body in their sweat and respiration. The combination of these two elements produces a unique odor, which varies from one person to the other.

These differences in body odor can be due to genetics or the interaction of bacteria with your skin, and some odors attract mosquitoes more than others.

If your family members or relatives attract these biters, you’re likely to be the same. 

Blood Type

According to research studies, the mosquito has different affinities for blood types. People with blood group O are likely to get more mosquito bites than people with blood groups A, AB, or B.

Your genes also determine unique chemical secretions that signal the biters towards you; others do not have these secretions, making them less likely to get regular mosquito bites.

The Levels of Carbon Dioxide in Your Exhalations

Did you know exhaling high carbon dioxide levels in your breath can attract mosquitoes towards you?

Carbon dioxide acts as a radar that helps mosquitoes know where to locate their target, and they use the maxillary palp to perform this task.

If you have a large body size, you’ll likely exhale more carbon dioxide than a smaller person, and you’ll be prone to more mosquito bites than them.

Metabolism and Exercises

If you’re an active person, you might be more likely to attract these biters than more dormant people as you secrete sweat more.

Sweat contains complex compounds such as uric acid, lactic acid, and ammonia – all compounds that attract mosquitoes.

It is also essential to note is that different people produce varying levels of lactic acid. If you secrete more lactic acid, you will likely get a higher number of mosquito bites than your peers.   

Mosquitoes learn your sensory cues 

Did you know that a mosquito is intelligent enough to learn the sensory cues of the people they bite?

These sensory cues, such as scent or color, are peculiar to a particular host. If they have bitten you before, and found your blood to be sweet and of high quality, you can expect them to come back for more bites (that’s if you don’t get them first).

Bottom Line

Taking simple steps to lower a mosquito’s attraction brings you halfway to reducing the frequency of mosquito bites. Implement these steps to ensure that you keep bites minimal, reducing the likelihood of discomfort and diseases.

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