Useful Tips on How Not to Attract Mosquitoes

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Are you wondering how not to attract mosquitoes into your backyard and home?

With the arrival of summer, everyone is getting ready for the holidays. The warm balmy nights are great for getting together with family and friends over evening dinner and outdoor barbecues.

But as you send out those invites to your friends, remember that another uninvited party is also likely to arrive – mosquitoes.

While they aren’t seasonal, mosquito numbers increase during the warm season, especially on rainy summer days. These tiny insects disturb you and your guest with their annoying buzz and nasty bites, making it quite hard to enjoy your party or sleep.

However, there are ways to combat them, such as hiring a mosquito control service. Below we explore some of these useful tips.

Wear light-colored clothes

Did you know that mosquitoes hate the light and bright colors? Mosquitoes love dull colors like black, blue, and red! So, wearing light-colored clothes is one way to deter these blood-sucking pests. 

Reduce or your avoid alcohol intake

Mosquitoes cannot resist alcohol.

When you consume alcohol, it raises your body temperature and adds ethanol to your sweat and secretions – irresistible to the mosquito.

If you want to reduce your attraction to these annoying insects, reduce your alcohol intake, or avoid it altogether.

Change your socks and wash your feet regularly

When your feet remain unwashed or you do not change your socks regularly, you create a pleasant and irresistible environment for mosquitoes.

Dirty feet encourage bacterial and fungal growth, all of which generate smells that attract mosquitoes.

So, ensure that your feet are clean always and change your socks regularly to keep mosquitoes away from your person.

Avoid heavily-scented beauty products

If you’re a beauty and fashion buff, you may not be the only one who loves scented beauty products. Like you, mosquitoes love the subtle scents and may be more attracted to you if you have a particular smell.

As such, unless your favorite scented perfume or beauty products are mosquito repellent, consider avoiding them.

Consider using repellents

Even after following the above tips, you may find that the biters are still on you, robbing you of peace.

If this is the case, you should consider a mosquito repellent.

Some of the leading and recommended repellants include:

  • DEET
  • Essential oils with lemon and eucalyptus
  • Picaridin

Spray them all over your clothes and skin to keep the biters off you. Even though they do not kill mosquitoes, repellents make them hate you, giving you the much-needed space to enjoy your moments and have a peaceful night.

Bottom Line

As you can see, these tips on how not to attract mosquitoes are simple and straightforward.

You do not need to go chemical crazy either; simply implement the above tips to make the biters stay away and restore your peace.

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