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We are very excited to launch this blog as we begin helping the residents of Eastern Cincinnati enjoy their outdoor living spaces and protect their landscape. We hope you’ll be a regular visitor on our site and keep us in mind when it comes time to choose a safer mosquito control and deer repellent service.

In the Stay Ahead of the Buzz Blog, we’ll share information with you about protecting your family, pets, and property from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, deer and more. Native Shield does things differently than many other mosquito control companies in our area. We are passionate about helping people enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the fullest by keeping pests away.

Here’s what you can look forward to in Native Shield’s Stay Ahead of the Buzz Mosquito Blog:

  • We’ll share helpful tips with you about mosquito control and the things you can do to help control them.
  • We’ll provide information about protecting your landscape investment from hungry deer that are looking for a tasty meal.
  • We’ll keep you up to date on mosquito-borne illnesses in our area and how to protect yourself.
  • We’ll also let you know about events and promotions taking place.

We promise to keep our posts interesting, diverse, and multi-sided. We believe in taking an all-natural, organic approach to dealing with mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and deer on your property. We pride ourselves on providing the safest ingredients for people, pets and the environment. We are committed to sharing that passion in every article.

We welcome your thoughts, questions, and suggestions for future blog posts and we’ll always do our best to respond quickly. For specific customer issues, please contact us with as much information as possible

Thank you for reading, visiting, and contributing. We’re excited to have you here!

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Stay Ahead of the Buzz

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