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Mosquito Control In Cincinnati, OH

Protect your family and pets from mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile Virus, Zika, and Heartworm.

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An organic way to

control mosquitoes
and ticks

We developed a blend of the most effective organic elements to keep mosquitoes away, without using a single chemical or poison.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mosquito Repellent Service

What makes Native Shield a safer alternative to the competition?

We use all botanically-based ingredients. Cedarwood oil, garlic oil, and citronella oil are just a few of our essential oils. Our product is all natural and organic without the use of poisons, synthetic chemicals or toxic ingredients. Unlike our competitors, our product is safe for people, pets and the environment.

Do you offer a “traditional treatment” for mosquitos or chemical based option?

No. We are firm believers in all-natural and organic applications only. We pride ourselves on providing the safest ingredients for people, pets and the environment. Our mosquito repellent spray will make sure you won't have to worry about mosquito bites again when you're hanging out in your yard, which is why we're considered the best organic pest control service in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How long does your all-natural product last?

Each mosquito treatment lasts approximately 21 days at which time our Cincinnati mosquito control technician will be scheduled to come for another application.

Why do you need to treat my yard every 21 days?

We realize other companies offer programs that have 4-6 applications per season. But, the longer the intervals between Cincinnati mosquito control service, the stronger the chemicals and residual effects.

Where do you spray?

We spray where mosquitoes hide. Common areas are the underside of the leaves on trees, deep shrubbery and foliage, and areas of your property that provide shade and humidity. This includes standing water and under your deck.

Does your product eliminate ticks and fleas?

Our treatment is also effective at dramatically eliminating the number of fleas and ticks in the yard.

Do I need to be home when the yard is treated?

No. You do not need to be home. We will leave a door hanger indicating when we treated your property along with any other necessary comments.

Do you service commercial properties in cincinnati?

Yes. Our Cincinnati mosquito treatment is a great solution for restaurants with patios, pools and other outdoor venues.

Can I have a one-time application for a special event?

Yes. If you have a wedding, pool party, or any outdoor venue, we would be happy to treat the property in preparation for the event.

How long before I can go outside after each treatment?

You can enjoy your yard immediately after our application because it is all natural. Also, our product will not harm bees, fish, or any other pond creatures. We don’t require a 30-40 minute wait period after spraying because our products don’t contain pyrethroids which are poisonous and toxic.

What happens if it rains after my mosquito treatment?

Once dry, the product withstands rain and will not be washed away. We try our best to schedule around inclement weather.

Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our application, we will come re-treat your yard free of charge.



Native Shield identifies the areas that need treatment, as well as potential breeding sites to control mosquitoes and ticks.


Our NOP compliant product treats areas where mosquitoes live and breed to control these pests in all life stages.


With repeated applications a residual barrier is created protecting the property between routine treatments.

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